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A Sublime Double Birthday Supper

Things got saucy when a couple of our favorite clients hired us for a JOINT  [pun intended] birthday party.  Good times with family and friends, and the debut of some delicious new [magic] sauces that chef Randy has been cooking up in his cannabis kitchen. 


Wrapping up the Summer - 10 Dinners and 1 Brunch!

Our Cannabis Fine Dining journey began over the Aspen Food and Wine Classic in June with the first fabulous party hosted at the private home of Chef Randy Placeres.   Once the word got out, clients were excited about this unique and exciting dining experience.  We had the pleasure of preparing and serving delicious meals incorporating cannabis-infused oils and butter with Chef Randy's signature new-fusion health forward style of cooking to crowds of 12 - 40 people.  Our audience was blown away with the combination of incredible flavor with mood and mind elevating affects.   We are looking forward to continuing to develop new techniques and flavor applications using the amazing cannabis plant.

Check out some of our dishes from Cannabis Dinners this summer...

Watermelon and Feta Salad, Balsamic Cannabis Vinaigrette

Chef Randy applying the Cannabis Infused Ginger-Kale Chimichuri

Yellowtail Hamachi Crudo, Coconut-Ginger Sativa Oil

Colorado Rack of Lamb, Pan Fried Papperdelle, Truffle Hoisin Canna-Butter Sauce

Chef Randy Serving Up Some Fun!  (a Soba Noodle and Local Veggie Base for Colorado 'GRASS-Fed' Venison)

Diver Sea Scollop, Canna-Brown-Butter Sauce, Arugula, Olathe Sweet Corn, Pancetta, Hand Foraged Porcini Mushrooms

Chef Randy garnishing his Sweet Thai Chili Soaked Chilean Sea Bass with 'Magic-Sauce'

Medicated Hamachi Crudo Salad

 Chef Randy Spritzing Cannabis Infused Oil, Always a Good Time!

Chef Randy Spritzing Cannabis Infused Oil, Always a Good Time!

420 Kitchen - Colorado Cannabis Fine Dining

Along with the new legislation in Colorado allowing for the recreational use of marijuana has come a brand new realm of possibility and exploration of all of the many flavor and mood enhancing applications of the amazing cannabis plant.

The dining experience is an exploration of the mind, body, and palette.  This is not an experience meant to leave the diner 'high' or beyond their comfort level, the intention is rather to gracefully elevate the guest to a place of satiation and enjoyment.

The experience takes place in the comfort of a private home in compliance with Colorado state law.  Proper allocation and distribution of the marijuana is important, and non-mind altering options are entwined throughout.  

As our country opens to new ideology and acceptance, so will it bring a new breed of chefs and consumers alike, bringing a new frontier of gastronomy, responsibility, and flavor at a whole new elevation.

Chef Randy Placeres is at the forefront of this movement, having come up with and hosted several menus and dinner parties with rave reviews!  



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